Why I chose eText Press to be my eBook publisher

I’m a writer. I’m not an accountant, a publicist or marketing guru, nor am I used to working out royalty rates, calculating withholding taxes on royalties and/or dealing with Amazon and other major eBook publishers.  As a writer for more than thirty years I have always been used to a publisher doing that kind of stuff; leaving me to get on with the business of writing.

So, just because eBooks are a more direct way of being published, no way am I going to take on all that extra work and try to be a publisher.

Which, for me, is where eText Press and Publishing came in. The guy who owns the company, Peter Ramshaw has had years of experience in publishing. So not only did eText Press convert my manuscripts to eBooks, the company also took on the hassles of being my eBook publisher as well.  For a small fee eText Press published my books on Amazon and all the other major eBookstores too. They also encouraged me to set the price of my books myself and now they transmit my royalties every quarter (traditional publishers only transmit twice a year).

Even better, although it can be renewed, my agreement with them only lasts for two years (unlike with traditional publishers, where the agreement can last a lifetime) which means I’m not locked in.

From a writer’s point of view being published by eText Press means I can concentrate on what I do best – writing.