Called to Account


Called to Account by John Harman | Crime Fiction - AustraliaAfter a failed marriage Eleanor Lambert abandons London and her high-powered career to start again with a small professional firm in a quiet seaside town on the south coast. But what Eleanor cannot know is that the coastline has become the centre of a death-dealing industry of staggering profits and sickening ruthlessness – which has made it the focus of intense police surveillance.

When a young colleague dies in a car crash, Eleanor takes over his job of completing the audit of a big and successful conglomerate where she discovers a number of curious anomalies. Soon afterwards Eleanor becomes aware that she is being closely observed before, days later, the mysterious watcher is found drowned in a local harbour.

Which is when Eleanor receives a visit from the police who tell her that the man was an undercover cop… and that something big, mysterious and extremely dangerous is happening all around her… and the only person who can solve the dangerous riddle is Eleanor. It is then she begins to learn that nobody she deals with – not even the police – can be trusted.

Behind the shadowy menace surrounding Eleanor looms the psychotic violence of London’s drug lords and their vicious enforcers. These are men who will stop at nothing and as they move in to protect their interests, Eleanor and her innocent investigations have become a threat that stands in their way…

Available in Kindle and Paperbook format

‘Called to Account’ Reviews

‘The stuff of bestsellers’~ Cambridge Evening News

‘John Harman writes with pace and power and could give his namesake Grisham a run for his money’ ~ Northern Echo

‘Harman’s villains are memorable and brilliant… A rapid page-turner’~ Yorkshire Post