Dangerous Assets


Dangerous Assets by John Harman | Crime Fiction - AustraliaIn the jungle of money Melissa Semmington is the hunter. Only what Melissa is hunting could destroy her. When it comes to hunting money no one does it better than Melissa, a forensic accountant with one of the world’s leading firms who spends her days talking to hard-eyed men with calculators in the company of hard-eyed men with guns: her nose for deception and her uncanny ability to follow a paper-trail through the most complex financial labyrinths making her a legend among her colleagues.

So when the corrupt Exchange Bank of International Industry and Trade is closed down, leaving a host of unanswered questions and billions in investors’ deposits missing, it’s no surprise Melissa gets the job of tracking down the bank’s assets.

Though Melissa, a single mother, is at first reluctant to leave Jamie her son at home, as the trail leads her from Luxembourg to New York and to America’s west coast, the thrill of the chase and the challenge of outwitting the shadowy figures behind the Exchange Bank soon have her adrenaline pumping. And there are compensations as a chance meeting with the handsome and charming Bob Briscoe in the Cayman Islands brings some much-needed romance back into her life.

But as Melissa closes in on her goal she uncovers evidence of the Exchange Bank’s real purpose – a conspiracy so terrifying its perpetrators will do anything to prevent its exposure and suddenly, wherever Melissa goes, violence follows.  ‘Already a dozen dead… and counting.’ For Melissa’s is a dangerous profession: ‘all those billions, those bank accounts stuffed with money – they’re dangerous assets. People kill for them. Remember, where there’s money – there’s blood.’ And Melissa hunts the money.

Now the tables are turned. Melissa is no longer the hunter but the hunted. Now, she has to solve a new puzzle; how to save her own and Jamie’s life.

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‘Dangerous Assets’ Reviews

‘Harman’s best yet… a fast paced tale of international money laundering and shadowy characters.’ ~ London Evening Standard

‘…his protagonist, Melissa Semmington, is tough yet vulnerable, clever yet flawed. He writes great characters, even better action.’ ~ The Scotsman

‘Another great page turner.’ ~ South Wales Echo