Writing Mentor

Two out of the last three writers John has mentored have been published by mainstream publishers. The third has just been offered a contract.

Why You Need a Writing Mentor

Sometimes our writing either hits a wall or ploughs into a swamp… either way the work comes to a halt and we have no idea what to do about it. The more we try to write the more depressed we become. This is sometimes called ‘Writer’s Block‘. That’s where mentoring with John Harman will help.

He mentors work in many genres:

  • all types of fiction – both literary and popular
  • non-fiction
  • biographies and auto-biographies
  • personal and family histories
  • short stories
  • film/television scripts

Mentoring is more than manuscript assessment: mentoring is a relationship lasting many months in which John’s role is to get you – the writer…

  • re-inspired
  • writing better
  • more organised
  •  more creative… by working with you, working on your manuscript line-by-line

Many of John’s mentorships have been conducted internationally or interstate and most times he has never met the writer face-to-face; even so, a close, honest and trusting bond has been formed via the internet in which the emerging writer has been able to come through the darkness of writer’s block and emerge both re-inspired, a better writer and at a far higher level of productivity.

John’s mentoring focuses on writers who have produced substantial manuscripts and who are hopeful of publication. Throughout the mentoring process John is both a writing support and a partner. He only ever undertakes one mentorship at a time and in all cases the relationship has been continued after the mentorship has finished so now John has writing contacts throughout the world.

Writing Mentor - John Harman

Experience as a Writing Mentor Coach

In 2003, John was appointed the State Mentor for an emerging writing. His mentee has subsequently had her novel published by a leading publisher.

John has also mentored twice for the Australian Society of Authors: one mentee has had her non-fiction book published; the other has been offered a publishing contract.

John gets much satisfaction out of helping writers find their voice and improve their style. His aim in the mentoring relationship being not only to help mentees improve the quality of their writing but, as importantly, to help them become published.

For more details about the mentorship scheme contact John