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As a published writer of both fiction and non-fiction, John is often commissioned by major publishers and many private individuals for his writing services mainly as a ghostwriter for all types of books. He has been ghostwriting other people books for more than thirty years. He is adept at telling another person’s story in that person’s voice: that is to say making it appear to the reader that the person whose name appears on the book, wrote it him or herself. Sometimes, John’s name appears on the book, as in Arthur’s War, published by Penguin, but usually his name does not appear anywhere. He is a genuine ghostwriter: submerging his own writing voice in favour of the book’s subject.

A major John-teaching-UWApart of John’s writing services is assessing manuscripts which he has been doing for more than a quarter of a century and in that time he has personally assessed more than 500 manuscripts. He has a developed a wealth of experience in working on all genres of fiction as well as non-fiction manuscripts. He goes deeply and into great detail in every manuscript; analysing it from the point of view of a publishing editor or literary agent.

One of the great benefits that you get from his writing services assessment is a multi-page report analysing all the strengths and weaknesses of your narrative: advising you how you can maximise the strengths and what you can do to improve the weaknesses. It is what an editor or literary agent would tell you about your manuscript if ever they had the time.

John’s knowledge translates well into conducting highly instructive and insightful creative writing courses as well as one-on-one mentoring with aspiring writers all over the world. Check out his writing services in detail on the following pages:

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