Effective Business Communication Skills for People at Work

Courses that aim to help staff improve their writing, reading, public speaking and face-to-face communications are essential at every level of business and government. In today’s fast-moving world, where time and attention are at a premium, the abilities to write clearly, concisely and persuasively; to read speedily; to speak succinctly and communicate clearly are vital. For instance: many people at work find difficulty in their business writing, often believing they should write in a more formal style even though a formal style usually means a lot more words and a lot less understanding. Many of those same people have difficulty in listening to exactly what is being said (or not said), in making presentations and in remembering accurately what they have taken much time and effort to read.

This is where one of John’s workshops may be helpful.

As a professional communicator who has written for a living all his working life, John is able to demonstrate:

  • the simple, easy-to-use methods that professional writers use in their writing to inform, influence and persuade their readers and to make their meaning clear and unambiguous
  • the skills professional communicators use on the phone and face-to-face to ensure they communicate clearly and listen accurately
  • the methods that outstanding public speakers use to ensure they get their message across and make an impact
  • how speed readers read so quickly and yet retain more of what they have read than the rest of us.

John is an experienced lecturer and workshop facilitator, having lectured extensively at the University of Cambridge in the UK; at UCLA Davis in the USA, and at UWA and ECU in WA, as well as for government departments and many companies in the private sector.

Seven Workshops to Improve Communications in the Workplace

John facilitates the following in-house half-day and full-day workshops in and around Perth.

  1. Brushing up on Your Grammar and Punctuation

  2. Developing Successful Communication Skills in the Workplace

  3. Effective Writing Skills for People at Work

  4. How to Develop Good Report Writing Skills

  5. How to Enhance Your Editing and Proofreading Skills

  6. Presenting to Influence and Persuade with Confidence

  7. How to Speed Up Your Reading — Yet Improve Your Retention