Presenting to Influence and Persuade with Confidence

The workshop exceeded my expectations, as I was always focussed on the speaking component but this workshop highlighted the importance of the preparation that is so essential to a good presentation.

I think I was more relaxed than I imagined and it didn’t force us to make presentations but it did cover more than I expected.

Speaking about our favourite topics was very interesting as all the participants were able to speak confidently as the topic was something they cared about and enjoyed.

John was excellent. His experience and knowledge was very apparent. He made the workshop interesting and his methods of teaching were very appropriate.


Any presentation is a matchless opportunity for a speaker to inform, influence or persuade an audience. What makes a presentation unique is that it delivers a captive audience: an audience prepared to listen without interruption as the speaker makes her or his delivery. So how can you maximise on this heaven sent opportunity when, for once, the floor is yours? How may you leverage this rare chance to influence your audience and persuade people to your point of view?

This workshop demonstrates in detail how to organise and deliver a presentation that achieves its purpose. Without the requisite skills: without the knowledge of how to structure your presentation; of how to overcome your nervousness; of how and when to use rhetorical techniques; of when to be extemporaneous and when to be scripted — that golden opportunity to inform, influence and persuade your listeners may be lost.

This lively, open, interactive course will show you how to acquire and employ the skills you need to present with confidence. These skills are valuable: the ability to communicate and to persuade an audience in a presentation is one of the most valued within all organisations and is often a significant factor in considering people for promotion.

Course Content

  • the four ‘Ps’ – Preparation: Plotting: Practice: Performance – of your presentation
  • identifying the real message you wish to send
  • using mind mapping to construct the presentation
  • dramatic frames – what are they and how do they enhance and add life to your presentation
  • choosing analogies and words that make your presentation memorable and evoke a positive response
  • identifying whether your listeners are externally or internally motivated
  • how to practice – overcoming and using your natural fear of public speaking
  • voice, posture and breathing – how you may look and sound.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • plan, prepare and deliver a well-structured, informative and persuasive presentation
  • know how to influence an audience and guide it towards understanding and accepting the presentation’s purpose
  • overcome the natural fear that all presenters initially experience
  • become adept at finding the right words and phrases to persuade listeners
  • achieve a higher level of self-confidence through knowing how to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally.

Benefits to Your Organisation

  • Good public speakers reflect well on the credibility of the organisation.
  • Your staff will know how to be more logically persuasive in any situation.
  • Your staff will be able to deliver presentations that audiences can understand and assimilate.
  • Your staff will have more self-confidence and be better skilled in the techniques of advancing persuasive arguments.

Benefits to You

  • You will be able to mount powerful presentations which inform, influence and persuade.
  • Your self-confidence when speaking in public will be enhanced.
  • You will understand the techniques of persuading through the power of the spoken word.
  • You will know the logical sequences of planning and delivering a persuasive presentation under any circumstances.

More Details

For further details, please contact John.