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John Harman is a successful ghostwriter who has written for a living all his working life, first in advertising followed by many years as a journalist in the UK and America and then, as the owner of a small film production company, writing countless documentary, training and corporate film scripts. During that time he was also writing scripts for many popular UK television series.

For the past twenty years, John Harman has earned his living as a writer of both popular novels, with four major (500-page) crime thrillers published by Headline in the UK, as well as many non-fiction books.

He also works as a ghostwriter, speechwriter, scriptwriter, writing mentor and teacher of both creative writing and simple writing for business executives and public service personnel.

John has ghostwritten a number of books, from popular romantic fiction to corporate histories, biographies and autobiographies.  His latest book is Arthur’s War, published by Penguin.

About John

John also conducts many workshops and seminars on creative writing as well as teaching business executives and all levels of staff in the public service how to write simply and well. He also runs workshops on: how to make good public presentations; how to improve creativity; how to improve speed reading and comprehension; how to improve  time management.

John has taught in the UK – at the University of Cambridge Board of Continuing Education – and in America at the University of California Summer Schools.

In Australia he teaches for, among others, the University of WA; Edith Cowan University; the Fellowship of Australian Writers and the WA State Literature Centre.

He has mentored for the WA State Emerging Writers Mentorship Scheme and has also twice mentored on behalf of the Australian Society of Authors. In 2006 he was appointed an adjunct senior lecturer in the School of Communication & Contemporary Arts at Edith Cowan University, WA.

He is a member of the following societies:

John also undertakes ghostwriting, speechwriting, manuscript assessment and mentoring assignments.

John is an accomplished public speaker and workshop facilitator. His workshops include:

John regularly presents for UWA Extension, Organisational and Staff Development Services and for IPAA, the Institute for Public Administration, Australia.

John’s wife, Abigail, is a professional photographer (www.abigailharman.com) and they have five children living and working in various locations around the world.

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