The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line - John HarmanIn the barracuda-world of big business, Richard Hoecheck in The Bottom Line has fought his way to the top, to the point where he is offered one of the biggest jobs in Europe – boss of Manney-Rowpit. It is a job he wants so badly he can taste it; and when he has sole control of the great company it’s a job he will do anything to keep. Blackmail, bribery, deceit, even the deadliest sin of all – Hoecheck will stop at nothing to achieve the power he needs to transform his corporation into one of the largest and most powerful organizations in the world.

Madeleine Weybourne, too, has one overriding ambition: to be a winner in the whirling circus of high finance. But when she is fired from her Wall Street job for refusing to have sex with her boss, and then finds herself blacked by other firms, she joins Manney-Rowpit. Now Madeleine has another ambition – to revenge herself on the man who betrayed her.

When Tony Oldbridge arrives home to find that his wife has left him he decides on a new start. Joining Manney-Rowpit he soon finds himself ensnared in the slippery business of Public Relations, where nothing is as it seems; where politicians are bribed and compromised, the press manipulated and death on a massive and tragic scale covered up.

But it is only when he discovers the cover-up of deadly global pollution; when he realises ‘the only big thing about this business is the size of the lies’, that he and Madeleine join forces to expose the power-crazy Hoecheck and the murderous, monolithic monster he has created. But big business is a dangerous game – and there are no rules.

In the high-spending, jet-setting, teeming stream of executive life, where living fast and playing dirty are the norms, everything – sex, friendship, honour, even life – has a price at which it can be traded. Hoecheck, Weybourne and Oldbridge, each finding themselves driven to the edge to achieve their private ambitions. For them nothing else matters but… The Bottom Line.

Reviews: ‘A powerful new story of industrial espionage and murder… packed with colourful characters’ ~ Peterborough Evening News ‘Lots of sex and boardroom skulduggery’ ~ Manchester Evening News ‘This well-written novel offers an exciting and suspenseful plot. Recommended’ ~ Library Journal ‘A spicy tale’ ~ The Sunday Times