‘Turkish Delight’

Turkish Delight


This coming September, along with award-winning photographer, Dale Neill, I will be taking a small group of people to Turkey on a Travel Writing and Photography Tour. The tour, called (not very originally) Turkish Delight, lasts 17 days and will cover many of the country’s fantastic and, for Australians, poignant sites, such as Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy, Ephesus, Pergamon and Cappadocia.  We are really excited about it; ten people have signed up already.  It should be the writing and photographic experience of the year.

Dale and I have been running Travel Writing and Photography workshops in Perth and Fremantle for the past three years. Many of the people who have attended have been published in newspapers and travel magazines. This is what Kya Worth has to say

Hi John and Dale,

I attended your course in May this year and I am very proud to report my travel articles and photos are being published in 4WD Action Australia, over 6 issues – 160 to 165!

Thank you all for your help, it gave me the push I needed!

Kind regards,


Kya Worth

But Turkish Delight will be a whole new experience: a travelling workshop taking in some of the world’s most ancient and inspiring locations: a seventeen-day stimulating and educational journey.  Everyone will be bringing their laptops and cameras and while I hone writing skills, Dale will be providing individual guidance on capturing magazine-quality images.  But we don’t anticipate it will be all work.

Programmed into the tour are five days of free, non-travelling time which will allow everyone either to just kick back or give them time to develop their stories and tweak your images in Photoshop.

Everyone coming on the tour of this visually challenging and culturally stimulating country will be receiving personal tuition and we expect many people will return with finished articles, complete with pictures, ready for publication.  I’ll keep you posted how many people actually get articles published.