Now you can read me in eBooks

Finally, my published thrillers are all up as eBooks. The folks at eText Press have done a great job and they look really good – which, I am noticing, is more than can be said for a lot of even mainstream novels, which look like they have been thrown up as eBooks.

But eText Press is nuts about good layout and design and all I had to do was give them the Word documents of my novels and they did the rest.

So now you can read me in an eBook via Amazon, Smashwords, Kibo and the rest – cost $2.99 each. Imagine that!!

The stories are just as up-to-date as they ever were.

MONEY FOR NOTHING dramatically shows how there are different rules for the rich and famous who even can get away with murder. It’s about a massive land fraud, put together by eminent lawyers and bankers. When it goes wrong they don’t hesitate to have the people in their way killed.

THE BOTTOM LINE tells the story of how a major corporation can get away with polluting the atmosphere – while looking as if it’s cleaning it up.

CALLED TO ACCOUNT is not only about the horrors of drug trafficking but also about the ordinary people who innocently become involved in the laundering of millions of dollars of drug trafficking money.

DANGEROUS ASSETS tells what happens when a corrupt bank goes bust and a fearless investigator starts uncovering al the sleazy deals that went on behind the scenes.

For $2.99 each they are a great read. Each novel was about 500 pages paperback so you really have value for money.

Let me know what you think.