Hello world!

I’m John and I’m a journeyman writer…

I like the word journeyman*

It conjures up visions of a medieval craftsman, maybe a stone mason or woodworker travelling from town to town, perhaps from country to country, plying his – or in a few cases, her – trade.  A journeyman would settle down to a new job, make a few friends, have a few ales in the ale-house and then, after a few months or a couple of years, move on.

I know it’s a romantic vision but then, I’m a creative writer. What would you expect?

This blog is about the journey – the arduous trek involving the frequent swamps of despair and the rare molehills of triumph – of a journeyman writer: someone who has made a living writing pretty well everything… from ad copy to crime thrillers and television scripts; from ghost-writing self-help books to the stories of rich bankers and modest war heroes. Someone always moving on to a new challenge in writing, while asking questions and looking for answers about life and writing and books and, well… pretty well everything, I guess.

That’s why the blog is called QuesterJohn.

The content will be pretty eclectic, though the bias will be about the constant learning curve of someone who makes a living putting words together for other people to read.

Which, according to E L Doctorow, is a socially accepted form of schizophrenia.

*for a definition of the word, journeyman, and an explanation about why I don’t use the term ‘journeyperson’ see  ‘The Journeyman Writer