Simple Skills for Effective Presentations

Some people say they would rather die than speak in public. But there’s no need to die – not after attending John Harman’s one-day highly interactive and intensive workshop which will enable participants to acquire the skills and confidence to make effective presentations.

Course Overview

There is still no substitute for making a group presentation when trying to impart information, induce action or influence an audience, which means that making effective presentations — speaking convincingly, clearly and concisely — is still important in our competitive, fast-paced work environments.

This workshop enables participants to develop the speaking techniques and strategies that will empower them to make effective presentations. It shows how they can overcome their nerves so they may gain the attention and ensure the understanding of their audience in order to drive home their message clearly and succinctly.

The workshop also demonstrates the devices and phrases that presenters use to influence and effectively persuade their audience.

Designed for
Anyone in the organization who needs to communicate with others through the medium of group presentations, as well as those who wish to hone their platform


Pre-Requisites or Entrance Requirements


Course Outcomes
After completing this course you will be able to:

  • deliver a highly effective presentation
  • plan and prepare the delivery of a logical and dramatic ‘story’ tied to a theme
  • structure the presentation to reach a powerful climax
  • find the right words and phrases for the more important parts of the presentation
  • know how to rehearse your presentation
  • have more confidence in your public speaking abilties
  • know how to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally
  • achieve a higher level of self-confidence in your presentations

Course Content

  • The four ‘Ps’ of your presentation
  • Preparation – knowing your real message: knowing the nature of your audience
  • How to order the structure of your presentation to gain the most effective – and impressive – results
  • How (and when) to use visual aids
  • Delivery – how to maintain contact with the audience and get them on your side
  • Learning how to deliver with the minimum of notes (extemporaneously)
  • How to overcome your natural fear of public speaking
  • Voice, posture and breathing – how to look and sound great

Full day, though the basics may be covered in a half-day

Resource Requirements
Participants are asked to prepare and bring with them a one minute presentation on their favourite subject – anything – from football to their family. Also bring an A4 notepad and writing implements.

Delivery style
The day allows for plenty of informal and formal speaking practice. The style is open, interactive, fully participatory… and fun!

Download the ‘Simple Skills for Effective Presentations’ Workshop Information [PDF – 96Kb]

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