John Harman

Conventionally published Novelist, Ghostwriter, Writing Skills Teacher, Public Speaker, Scriptwriter

John Harman is a professional writer with over forty-five years’ experience of writing for a living.

I have always written under my own name – John Harman. I have written across many different types of medium, including fast-paced thrillers, television scripts and film documentaries.

My books have been published by Headline Publishing in the UK and distributed in America and Australia. My television scripts have been broadcast by Thames Television; my film scripts distributed worldwide by Guild Sound and Vision.

These days, much of my work is ghostwriting for publishers and for private individuals. Naturally, I do not write these under the name John Harman although sometimes, ‘with’ John Harman appears in small type on the front cover along with the name (in much larger type) of the person that the book is about. Usually I am totally anonymous; my name doesn’t appear anywhere in the book. The trick I employ is to write the book in the natural ‘voice’ of the person whose name will appear on the front cover. 

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Author John Harman

John Harman – Ghostwriter

John Harman

The type of books I ghostwrite include:

  • biographies
  • personal and inspirational stories
  • self-help books
  • popular novels          

I also do a lot of management and staff training in how to write clearly and simply. This means using plain, simple English to achieve high impact and instant understanding. Many organisations recognise that their writing is complicated and confusing. Even lawyers are beginning to accept the importance of writing simply. 

Organisations I train include:

  • Federal, State and Local Government Departments
  • Commercial and Industrial Companies
  • Small businesses and Legal Practises

I also run many Creative Writing Courses for emerging writers and for everybody who wants to write a book or to be a writer.

Finally, I also undertake:

  • manuscript assessment
  • manuscript editing
  • mentoring emerging writers, either face-to-face or via Skype, who wish to hone their writing skills 

Phone: +61 (0)8 9345 4605
or 0417 874 686
PO Box 206, Tuart Hill, WA 6939 Australia